California Academy of Sciences

Yesterday we adventured at the California Academy of Sciences.  There is a fantastic rain forest exhibit that winds you up and up into the canopy and then you take the elevator down into an amazing aquarium.  From there you can go to the planetarium and the still exhibits.  We spent nearly six hours wandering around and around and around.  While a rather expensive day out, this is definitely worth a visit.  (Be prepared though, the parking is *outrageous*.) Below are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.  You can view more in the San Francisco Trip set on Flickr.


Little red frog

Bird and butterfly

Fish overhead

Stinging Nettle

Schooling Fish


Living Roof


One thought on “California Academy of Sciences

  1. Dear yarngeek,

    Thanks for such a wonderful post on the California Academy of Sciences. My name is Amie, and I am the Social Media Manager at the Academy. Your photos are absolutely stunning! In case you are interested, we’re also on Flickr and have a Groups page to which you can add your photos: We hope you enjoyed your visit!


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