Skirting Adventure

Last week I attempted to sew a garment.  For myself.  With guidance from some tutorial on the internet that I can no longer locate, I attempted a skirt.  My first attempt was, shall we say, less than flattering…

Basically you take one yard, fold it with selvedges together, add some elastic at the top, hem the bottom, and voila! skirt.  While this skirt shape is flattering on many body types, mine is not one of them.  My darling hubby politely offered some very tactful suggestions for making it fit better.  His suggestions proved to be very helpful and the resulting modifications made the skirt much more attractive.

One yard of cotton fabric (purchased on clearance, no less), French seams, and a bit of elastic equal one simple and fairly cute skirt.

Modifications from the first version: Took off 7″ of width and tapered the side seams in a bit at the knee.


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