It’s My Job

To sew, that is!  Besides my new gig at the yarn shoppe, I’ve also been recruited for the sweat shop* in the back.  Today was my first day!

See that?  That is a custom made ottoman cover sewed by yours truly.  I also did 6 pillow covers (with zippers) and 42 buttonhole curtain tabs.  My day was pretty much awesome.

*The owner refers to it lovingly as the “sweat shop” because it isn’t air conditioned.  It’s really a very nice custom sewing shop that specializes in slip covers, draperies, and more.


3 thoughts on “It’s My Job

  1. How wonderful you get to indulge in your talents at work! I’m so glad you found something to keep you happy! And I’m totally impressed by your sewing… I have a skirt that’s been sitting in my sewing basket ever since I attempted to make ruffles for it last year. Well done!

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