A Not-So-Pretty Patch

To say that Chloe is hard on her frisbees would be an understatement.  Until I found the guaranteed indestructible Zisc, she went through about a 3 frisbees a week (or more).  She is also very fond of her Flying Squirrel.  Normally the FS is reserved for trips and special occasions and put up immediately afterward so it isn’t shredded.  Well… we got a little lax on that and this is the result.

Check out a close-up of that damage.  She really ripped into this poor thing.

Normally I would let this kind of damage go (on a plastic frisbee it would be thrown out because it cuts up her mouth), but in this case the FS just wasn’t flying right anymore.  A new FS is around $12, which isn’t a lot, but… In this case the frame of the thing was still in good shape, it just needed the giant hole repaired.  Well, a little outdoor fabric remnant and some determination later and this FS was patched up.

(Do you know how hard it is to sew on an oddly shaped fabric frisbee on a sewing machine?  It’s really hard!!) It looks like it was patched by a blind monkey, but it is patched nonetheless.  And, despite how the patch looks, the FS now flies properly again.  (Besides, Chloe doesn’t care if it’s ugly as long as you throw it.)


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