Returning to the Mother Ship

Have you been breathlessly awaiting the UFO update?  Of course you have!  I am now under 30 WIPs/UFOs on the needles!  I am actively working on Fred the Owl (the Bramble Owl softie) and expect to have him done this week.

Here is the progress made on the Official List of Doom since April 29th.

Easy to Finish:

In the Middle/Active Projects:

  • Simple Thing – Recently started and my active purse project.  No complaints. Done!
  • Bramble Owl Softie (aka Fred) – His body is knit, I just have to do the wings, eyes, sew and stuff.
  • Sweet Peas – The pod and one of the three peas are complete.  Now where did I put that project…? Done!
  • Mystery Socks – These are ready for the boring foot knitting, that’s why they’re languishing.  I need to suck it up and finish them.
  • Corde Market Bag – I was chugging along on this and got distracted.  It’s not far from completion and would be great for summer. Done!
  • Crossover Top – This is fairly close to being finished and really just needs to be seamed up.  Whether or not I knit the pants to go with it is another story.

Long Term Commitment:

  • Man’s Ribbed Cardigan (aka Sam’s Sweater) – The back is nearly complete, but this one is requires lots of knitting and I keep getting distracted.  (Sorry, honey!)
  • Swirl Shawl – This one is a pleasant, ongoing project that I pick up in between other projects.  I’m in no hurry to finish it.
  • Harvest Blanket – Another ongoing project that is in no hurry.  I need to get at least one of each block done in time for the fall schedule at the shop.
  • Great American Afghan – This is a club at the shop that I was in and then got distracted.  I do plan to finish it, but it has no time line.

Stalled, In Time-Out, or Single Socks:

  • Cabled Coat with Hood – Originally cast on as a gift for a friend who recently gave birth.  But I’m realizing now that it will be too big and too warm for late spring/summer baby.  I need to decide whether to rip it out and knit something in a size the baby can wear in the fall or make something different altogether.
  • Colonnade – This is complete to the pattern requirements, but I wanted it larger and bought another skein.  Now I’m considering whether to end it where the pattern states or continue on.  I need to decide and finish it one way or the other. Done!
  • Dangerous Dinosaur Sweater – The front is nearly done, but I ran into a snag and I can’t remember what it was.  Now I need to re-evaluate it and figure out where I was so I can finish it. Frogged.
  • Calvin & Ripple Socks – Not even sure where these are.  They will most likely be frogged (if they haven’t been already).
  • Ribbage Socks – A sock I was knitting out of boredom.  One is nearly complete but I’m just not that into sock knitting.  Not sure where this one will end up.
  • Steggie – This one isn’t even cast on yet (other than the swatch).  I have all the yarn and I want to knit it for my darling nephew.  This will most likely end up as next year’s Christmas sweater.
  • Mariposa – Finished through the first repeat and then I screwed up on the eyelet twist row.   Not sure if I’m going to finish it or rip it out and re-purpose the yarn.  I really don’t have any strong feels about it one way or the other.
  • Todos Scarf – I got stopped in the first stages of this.  I want to finish it, but I’m not sure where I’m at in the pattern.  This one may rest a while longer.
  • Finn Socks – A baby sock pattern I designed up when everyone was pregnant a couple years ago.  I’m not even sure where this project is.  I’m just listing it for good measure.
  • A4A Sweater – Started out of scraps of Lion Brand Wool.  I just need to finish it.  (Are they even accepting sweaters anymore?)
  • Cabled CoatI may have already ripped this one.  If not, it needs to be ripped and the yarn re-purposed. The kid this was started for is way too big for it now.
  • Raindrop Lace Socks – Single Sock Syndrome strikes again.  Do I knit the second sock or just call it good at one and let it go?
  • Mixed Motif Cami – Not sure if I have any intention of finishing this.  It’s a pretty concept, but a little too finicky for me.  Most likely the unused yarn will go to something else and the finished piece will become artwork or something…

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