Yurt Camping

This past weekend, we packed up the adorable doggy and lots of camping stuff and took off on an adventure to the coast.  (We also stopped and spent a night at my sister’s to visit.)  Chloe was very excited to go on a trip.

We were going to do something we have never done before.  Camp in a yurt!  (For those of you who know me, you know I haven’t camped since about the age of 7 and that trip was horrible involving rain, leaking tents, food poisoning, and more.  There’s a reason I don’t camp.) The weather on our drive was absolutely gorgeous, making us hopeful for nice weather at the coast.

The drive from Roseburg to the coast was fairly short and uneventful.  You’re driving along and then all of a sudden, HEY IT’S THE OCEAN!! OMG!

We chose  South Beach State Park where they are doing a one year experiment allowing pets in one of the yurts.  We were so excited to be able to take Chloe with us.  This was our lovely yurt.

Totally camping luxury, no?  It even has a fire pit and secondary picnic table.  Sam did a great job starting us a roaring fire.

We roasted hot dogs and had coffee.  As the evening wore on, the wind picked up and it got a bit cold.

Yes, I am a camping wuss.  Thanks for noticing.  After dinner, we took Chloe down to the beach.  We walked around a mile or so and then let her run on the sand.  The beach is her favorite spot and she was really worn out when we got back to the yurt.

After dark, we both decided we should get the fire going again and have some coffee.  Sam made a comment that if it was this hard to take a girl out for coffee, how did the human race ever succeed?  Then we both agreed that before the advent of modern coffee making, they went “clubbing” (think cavemen… hehehe).

Overnight, the storm rolled in early and it poured rain.  We went into town for breakfast because obviously we weren’t going to be able to start a fire.

The beach was cold and windy, but otherwise gorgeous.

See, told you it was windy!  But that didn’t stop Chloe from having a great time with her frisbee.

Too soon our trip came to close and we drove home.  Goodbye South Beach State Park.  We had a great time!


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