We <3 Dani Day!

I am declaring it We Dani Day! Specifically, Dani of the three fames DaniDo Crafty, Goddess Tea, and Craft Culture Podcast.  Why should it be WHDD?  Because, Dani rocks.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my awesome top 10 list.

Top 10 Reasons Dani Rocks

  1. She’s a knitter.  Duh.
  2. She likes aprons.
  3. She hand blends tea *and* roasts coffee.
  4. She bakes delicious biscotti (and sometimes sends it to her yarny buddies).
  5. She’s a college student who runs her own business.
  6. She designs awesome patterns.
  7. She dyes yarn, too.
  8. Don’t forget the awesome podcast that makes us laugh and think about juggling weiner dogs.
  9. She gets girlnevergoesout out of the house.
  10. She let me talk on her podcast even though I’m a big craft addicted dork.

She’s doing a yarn and tea club.  Yes, yarn *and* tea.  Go.  Now.  Buy.


2 thoughts on “We <3 Dani Day!

  1. Oh, that’s funny! I just made a big order of tea from Dani! I’m trying to cut out the coffee and so my tea stash has exponentially increased in the last month or so. I’m so EXCITED for my package to get here!!!!!

    How’s everything with you? I’m so jealous about the potato boxes, they look GREAT! Tax season is almost over! YAY! TWO MORE DAYS 😀

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