Virtual Clutter

Today’s edition of taking control of  my life focuses on my inbox.  What do I get in my email on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?  Some of it is relevant email (bills, order/ship confirmation, communication from family and friends, etc.) but most of it is advertising.  Yes, I am one of those people who gets coupons, weekly ads, and various other clutter in my email.

Today that ends!  I have been viciously unsubscribing from all of the things that clutter my inbox.  I’m sure this means I will get far fewer emails (which sometimes makes me sad), but those emails will not contain tempting or lust-creating content.  (I have left a couple of advertising e-mails that will facilitate my savings and control.  If I find these do not help, they will be removed as well.)

Other things on my mind… Fabric baskets for storage of the bits and bobs that get piled around my sewing table as I use them.  I like the tutorials here, here, and here.  There are also plans to move the wire rack back into the craft room for additional storage of projects in progress.


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