Crafting Control: The Beginning of a Life Manifesto

I have been pondering a sort of craft diet reduction plan for a while now (I hate the term “diet”).  My craft room is bursting at the seams with projects waiting to be started, finished, or ripped.  In many cases, the projects have seeped out and are lingering around the rest of the house (the living room bookshelf, the bedside table, even the bathroom).  Since my recent dive into sewing, the problem has just multiplied exponentially.  This is a problem and  I need to be brutally publicly honest with myself.

  1. I have enough craft supplies to last for at least a full year of uninterrupted crafting (other than those oft used basics that run out like thread and interfacing).
  2. I spend way too much on craft supplies every month, many of which I don’t use immediately or have plans for.
  3. I am capable of stopping myself from those fabric/yarn/craft buying binges, I just choose not to.

Admitting those things to myself is hard.  Admitting them to all of you is harder.  But it needs to be done.

I need to be accountable.  I need to take control.

Now that I’ve got that out in the open, there’s got to be some benefits.  Why do I want to do this and why is it worth it?  Here are my top three reasons.

  1. Financially – It will greatly benefit the bank account.  If I put all of the impulsively spent craft money into a savings account, it would be shocking how fast the balance would grow.
  2. Mentally – It will greatly benefit the household.  I know it is stressful not only on myself, but on my husband to be overrun with crafting supplies.
  3. Emotionally – It will result in greater satisfaction and completion.  The less I try to shove into my crafting time at once, the more I might actually accomplish.  Constantly piling on more projects means that I often don’t get to the ones I originally wanted to start.

Phew… I’m really going on aren’t I?  I guess this has really been weighing on my mind.  I’m pondering a plan to put this into motion.  Of course there must be rules and consequences.   Are you ready?  Here’s the plan.

The Plan


  1. No purchasing of crafting materials other than for the completion of a currently in progress project.
  2. Craft purchases shall only be made under supervision.
  3. Coupons are not an excuse.
  4. The average normal dollar amount spent on crafting supplies shall be deposited into the savings account on a weekly basis.
  5. If non-necessary crafting materials are purchased (see Rule #1) the equivalent of the purchase must be de-stashed.
  6. Books and magazines are not necessarily crafting supplies, but they still count as life clutter.  Book and magazine purchases are limited to two per month (one per paycheck).
  7. Store credit, gift certificates, etc. shall be used in the purchasing of materials necessary for completion only.

Time Line

This plan will begin as of the publishing of this post.  It will continue for three months (or longer if I can manage it).  Each month there will be an accounting of progress (not in exact dollar figures, of course).


  1. Our five year anniversary is in July.  By that time, I would like to have saved enough from resisting impulse craft purchasing to let us take a nice trip.
  2. The craft room will become a haven of creativity instead of a room of infinite piles.
  3. I will feel calmer and more in control of my crafting life.

That’s it.  That’s the plan.  Is this my pivotal moment to begin a journey to change my behavior and ultimately my life?  Only time will tell.

(It seems like I’m not the only one doing a deep mental and physical reorganization/prioritization.  Check out the posts on the 10,000 hours project here and here.)


3 thoughts on “Crafting Control: The Beginning of a Life Manifesto

  1. Girl, I could have written this a year ago. I stopped buying stuff, for the most part, with occasional relapses for various events and such, and haven’t really missed it, other than as a release. There’s a long way to go in this house (still), but maaaaan, it’s so nice not to feel like your projects own *you* instead of the other way around.

    Consider me your biggest cheerleader!

  2. Hey, good for you for making a plan! And I think the trip is an awesome goal, really worth working for! I’ve been pretty good about cutting back, but I could still use some work. Maybe I should come up with goals like yours!

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