Black Saturday: The Legend Lives On

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.  To everyone else, happy Sunday!

If you live where I do, and you work, or have worked where I do the you know Erik (founder of Leisure Nouveau).  Erik throws legendary parties.  I first met him several years ago when he threw a Hat & Martini Party to celebrate his new hat (I believe it was a very dashing bowler, if memory serves me correctly).  Well, he tends to have an annual Black Saturday party.  We have missed one or two, but this year we managed to attend.  It was graciously hosted at Casa Maujean (have you read about his chickens?).  As usual, the party had a wide variety of people, beverages, and conversations.  As I am the DD, I get to really observe the drunk people around me.  This particular party, I noted three distinct types.

The Crazy/Scary Drunk: This drunk is generally not someone you would pick up on the side of the road on a normal day, let alone when he’s drunk.  This type of drunk tends to be male.

There were a few altercations, but no one was injured.  I did enjoy the emotional conversation between two of these particular types of drunks after a tousle.

M: Are you mad at me?

I: No.  If I was mad at you, then I’d punch you in the face.

That was the end of the conversation.  All was healed.

The Lovey Drunk: This drunk is a normally happy and friendly person.  Being drunk amplifies that.  They become very lovey and huggy.  These drunks are usually women.

The Philospher Drunk: These are my personal favorite.  After a certain level of drunk is attained, they begin waxing poetic about various philosophies/beliefs/theories.  During these conversations you gain a greater insight into the person who often is normally more reserved.

So there’s a little insight into my evening.  I drank a lot of tea and spent most of my time observing.  It was a fun evening and another memorable party.


3 thoughts on “Black Saturday: The Legend Lives On

  1. You mean there were no “Mouthy Drunks” there? That’s my type. 1/2 glass of wine (or beer), and I will tell you anything and everything about everyone and everything.

  2. There were one or two of those, but they weren’t as memorable as the rest because the things they were spouting off about wasn’t really interesting to me.

  3. They’re never interesting to anyone. And I get drunk so quickly that I’m frequently warning people in advance that I will get mouthy in 5 minutes. It’s easier than apologizing for talking someone’s ear off. LOL. 2-drink drunk!

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