Potato Boxes!

I am sooo excited to blog about my new potato boxes!  This past Saturday, my Daddy came over and he and I adventured out to get all the supplies for three potato boxes, using this schematic originally from Irish Eyes.

I chose to make my boxes out of cedar.  Purchasing all the materials at once was a little expensive, but it will be much better in the long run (no running out of supplies and having to make emergency purchases).  The cedar 2x6s ran just over $11 each, but I scored a deal on the 2x2s and got 3′ bolsters for $0.83 each.  The screws cost me under $4 (and I’m sure I bought more than I needed).  Yes, I could have gone with cheaper materials, but I want these things to last.  I don’t intend to build these more than once this decade.

This was my crew.  My father, my husband, and a nephew.

Dad and I measured, cut, and drilled the boards while nephew and hubby filled the new corner bed.  Oh, did I mention that?  I started this bed last year, but then things came up and it never got finished.  The boys glued down the capstones and then filled it with dirt and a bit of peat moss.  It is now ready to receive plants (with a little compost added first)!

Dad and I assembled the potato boxes to the first level only (for more info on the build-as-you-grow method of growing potatoes, there’s a great blog post here).  I put down some weed cloth and we filled them about 3″. (I’ll trim the weed cloth once the dirt settles, but I didn’t want to risk moving the boxes after we placed them so carefully.)

Then I placed my seed potatoes.  I’m growing three varieties, one per box.

Yukon Gold.

Red Fingerling.

And All Blue.

Then we filled them up the rest of the way with dirt.  (They got a little sprinkle after that, but I didn’t get a photo as it was getting dark.) And then they were finito!  Aren’t they lovely?

Sure they don’t look like much now, but as the potatoes grow, they’ll get more levels.  Just wait, they’re going to be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Potato Boxes!

  1. oh yes, they WILL be awesome.. Mmm home grown potatoes. I like the idea of building up the boxes in levels as the bushes grow up!! Very smart indeed. I don’t find those prices all that expensive, so if someone told me to get something less I’d have worried about the quality too.

  2. I’m so inspired by this! I’m going to try a couple myself, but I’m a little worried about what to do with all that dirt at the end of the season! What are your plans?

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