Menu Plan Monday – March 29, 2010

Aaaand… I’m back with MPM!  I’ve missed it deeply the last few weeks and my evenings of unplanned dinner have felt chaotic.  It’s time to get myself back on the wagon and start planning again!  (You’ll also note that my meals have taken on a different flavor.  I am trying to eat more protein and less carbs these days, for health reasons.  I am discovering a surprising new world of delicious recipes.)


  • Lunch – Frozen Amy’s Kitchen dinner that looked yummy when I went grocery shopping
  • Dinner – Company dinner


  • Lunch – Tuna with Aoili on whole wheat
  • Dinner – Spaghetti with ground turkey


  • Lunch – Lunch with Mom
  • Dinner – Leftover spaghetti (I’m teaching a class at the shop)



  • Lunch – Leftover quiche.
  • Dinner Chicken curry with veggies

Saturday & Sunday:

    The Family is coming over for Easter.  Meal planning goes out the window.  (Hoping to make homemade baked doughnuts though…)

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