Sip ‘N Stitch Club – March

It is just a week for clubs and packages, isn’t it?  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this much awesome mail in a two week period before.  I think I’ve waited long enough to blog this that everyone has their Sip ‘N Stitch Club packages.  (So, if you haven’t gotten yours, don’t scroll down!)

This month’s Sip ‘N Stitch package featured Valle Del Santuario from Counter Culture Coffee.  You’ll note that the lovely Laura swapped mine out for decaf this month since caffeine is not currently on my menu (she’s just awesome like that).

The yarn is (as usual) absolutely stunning.  The base yarn is Foot Prints, which is 100% merino superwash wool.  The colors are so vibrant in this skein that I’ve been just picking it up to gaze at it lately.  It just screams “summer is coming!” to me.  This one may also become a little shawlette (have you noticed a theme lately?) for those chilly summer nights.  I can’t wait to see what the next shipment brings!

(Not a part of the Sip ‘N Stitch club?  The coffee version is closed, but they’re taking sign-ups for a new tea version.  Check it out!)


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