Goddess Tea Club – March

Warning! SPOILER ALERT!  If you  haven’t received your Goddess Tea Club yet and want to be surprised, LOOK AWAY NOW!

Random pet picture to distract you

Everyone ready now?  Ok, here we go!  March’s Goddess Tea Club made me squee when I opened the box.

March Tea Club Package

This month features Eir Herbal, a tummy soothing blend of chamomile, ginger root, and peppermint.  While not my favorite tea, I do enjoy this one.  This tea is perfect for when I’m just not feeling that great.  It is very mild and soothing.

Sample black tea

The sample tea is a black tea (and I can’t remember the name off hand).  I can’t wait to try it.  But the crowning jewel of this package was the teacup.

Teacup of Loveliness

This teacup reminds me of the ones that my grandmother has on the wall of her kitchen.  I can remember many visits where I would stare up at those cups longingly.  But alas, no tea parties with the fancy teacups for me.

Now I can have my own grownup tea parties with my very own fancy cup!  WOOT!


2 thoughts on “Goddess Tea Club – March

  1. That Eir Herbal is like a do-it-all for lots of stomach ailments. The chamomile is a soother and can have some anti-inflammatory components. Peppermint is a muscle relaxer. And ginger is anti-nausea. Good combo!

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