I feel very spoiled right now.  Dani (of DaniDo Crafty and Goddess Tea fame) got a brilliant idea and arranged a Plurk Swap.  I got paired with the lovely LadyDrangonflyAJH (check out her awesome shop!) who spoiled me rotten!!

She included a beautiful card, three lovely lace patterns (Bluebird, Brandywine Shawl, and Hanging Garden Stole), two skeins of laceweight and one of sock yarn, buttons (SQUEE!), chocolate (Mountain Man Raspberry sticks… omnomnomnom), and chili mix.  Who could ask for more?

Just look at those colors.  She gets an A+ for stalking to figure out my favorite color!

Buttons!  I am so digging these buttons.  I kind of want to knit a sweater around them.  Hmm…

I’m so thrilled with my swap package.  My partner did an awesome job of finding items that would make me insanely happy.  Thank you so much LadyDragonflyAJH!!


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