Signs of the Apocolypse (and Homemade Granola Bars)

So, I’m pretty sure the world is ending soon.  For the second or third time in two weeks, I was awake and dressed by 7am, took the dog for a walk, took Dad coffee, and was still early for work.  If I were you, I’d be stocking up on batteries and MREs at this point.

But seriously, we know you came here for the granola bars.  As some of you may know, I attempted homemade granola bars last night.  I used this recipe from Kiss My Spatula as a jumping off point.  My only modifications were using agave nectar instead of honey and canola for the oil.  I used fresh ground peanut butter (nothing added) and homemade granola for the rest.  “How did they turn out?”, you ask with bated breath…

Well, the answer is…

I succeeded in making granola candy bars.

Bad cell phone photo because I was too tired to take proper pictures last night.

In retrospect, agave nectar was not the best idea.  It is very sweet and made these more like eating a Snickers than eating a breakfast bar.  While delicious, they require a beverage to help handle the sweetness.  Will I try these again?  You’re darn right I will!

Tonight I will be making a new batch of granola, since these took up what I had already made.  Dad has requested I make a double batch because he is now hooked on it.  My circuitously evil plan is one quarter complete! (20 points if you know where that quote came from.   Liisa, I’m looking at you!)


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