2010 Knitting Olympics

I’m not normally the type of person who does this sort of thing, but I’ve decided to throw myself onto the ice and join the 2010 Knitting Olympics (mere hours before the opening deadline).  I am challenging myself to start and complete my husband’s cardigan in a two week period.  DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMMM!

After years of searching for that *perfect sweater*, he decided on a simple cardigan from the 2009 Holiday issue of Knit Simple.  Being a man of simple, yet refined taste, he chose Eco Wool in a soft chocolate brown.  (Me, being the last minute Nancy that I am, do not have any of these things with me for photographs.  You will just have to wait with bated breath until I can post pictures tomorrow.)

Can it be done?  Only time will tell!


I’m on Team Mouthy on Ravelry (started by the (in)famous DaniDo) as well as the fantastic Team Unique Sheep (started by Laura of The Unique Sheep, duh).  Because I am just so awesome I need to be  on *two* teams!


Today is my birthday!  Happy birthday to meeee!


Did you know Dutch Bros gives you free coffee on your birthday?  Do you know how many Dutch Bros I drive by on a daily basis?  Wheeeeeeeeeee!


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