A Quilt Fit for a Pirate

I recently got a wild hair and decided to make a quilt.  Not just any quilt… a pirate quilt!  I was inspired by a remnant of pirate flannel I picked up at JoAnns a while back.

Pirate flannel.

Going through my stash boxes, I grabbed some red minkee leftover from the crib set (did I ever post about that?  If I did, I can’t find it in my archives…) and a variety of solid cottons.  All of the fabrics were cut into 12″ squares and then laid out in a semi-random pattern.  I sewed the squares into strips and the strips into a quilt top.

Quilt front, held by my ever patient husband.

I found a piece of low loft quilt batting jammed into the closet and cut that to size.  I quilted the whole thing by stitching in the ditches of the squares.  The back I pieced together from the solid cottons (adding a few colors to make up the difference) and the last piece of pirate flannel.

Pieced back

I made the binding from leftover black and red cotton and zizagged it (poorly) on.  (I have no patience for binding.)

Binding detail.

My thread tension got a little wonky in places and there are a few sewn in wrinkles, but all in all I’m pleased with it.  The whole thing cost me zero dollars to make and what really matters is it made my nephew smile (or squint as the case may be…).

Tyler tries out his new quilt.

Finished dimensions approx. 48″x60″.

Gratuitous couch glamour shot.


One thought on “A Quilt Fit for a Pirate

  1. That’s awesome getting to make a quilt for FREE! And the best part is that Tyler loves it! 🙂
    I’m not to thrilled with binding either. I should try that zigzagging one day… 🙂

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