A Wriggling Adventure

When everyone was over this weekend, Tyler and I had some fun playing outside.  I decided to take advantage of the clear day and turn my garden beds.  After my trees were done this year, Dad came over and he and Sam mulched all the leaves and dumped them on the garden beds.  They have been decomposing and I thought it was high time they got mixed in with the dirt.

While I was turning the dirt, we came across several wriggly worms.  Tyler helped me transplant a few from one bed to another.  But the real excitement came when we found the biggest night crawler I have ever seen (bad SciFi movies aside).  In fact, it was so big we rushed into the house to get pictures.

Tyler, holding the worm with both hands to contain it.

Can you see how big that worm is?  Here, take a look at the close-up.

Giganto the Worm

No worms were harmed in the taking of these photos.  Giganto there was safely deposited back into the garden bed with a few other wriggly friends.


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