Well, Hello February…

Didn’t see you there.  You say we’re already a week in?  I don’t believe it!

Actually, I do believe it.  February is a notoriously busy month for me.  It is a big birthday month (mine, my sis-in-law, and several friends), as well as the month of Stitches West!  I’m going to SW this year to help at a friend’s booth.  But more on that as the date nears.

In other news, I cut off my hair!!  If you’re on Plurk, you’ve already seen the really bad cell phone pictures.  But for your pleasure, I’m posting them here as well.



If you can’t tell, I cut off approx. 10″ to send to Locks of Love.  The fabulous Jessica at Gervais came highly recommended and she did not disappoint.  This cut is cute and completely no maintenance.  I wash, brush, and go.  It’s *fantastic*!  Want a better view of the new do?  This is from yesterday at my (early) birthday party.

(Yes, those are slightly deformed Hanukkah candles on my ice cream log cake.  They were on sale…)


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