Planning Ahead

My friend Liisa recently posted about her garden design.  She and I decided to order seeds together this year from a fairly local company, Territorial Seed (she’s ordered from them before, it’s my first time).  I took some inspiration from her and decided to draft out my garden plan.

It’s rough at best, but at least captures what I’m going for.  I badly need to rotate the tomatoes out of the square foot garden this year, so they’re going to live in the new bed.  The onion and garlic of course won’t be planted at the same time as the tomatoes and cucumbers as this represents the entire rotation from spring to fall.  The green shows beds/planters I already have.  The blue shows the potato boxes I need to build.  There are also four large planters in our side yard that will have herbs in them.  I have not yet decided what to do with the half wine barrel (pictured at bottom left) that used to house an artichoke (which died a horrible death last summer).  I’m thinking it may just end up with some sort of hardy flowers since it is a neglected area of the yard.

I’m trying several new-to-me plants this year.  In fact the only carry over plants are tomatoes, lettuce, peas, and carrots.  Everything else will be a new experience!  I have officially given up on peppers.  I’ve tried them two years now and they always fail miserably.

Now, the real trick will be if I remember to start my seeds at the right times and have plants big enough to transplant.  I’ll keep you posted on the garden progress as it happens.


One thought on “Planning Ahead

  1. I’m such a space case; I looked at your garden plan and thought, “Wow, I wonder where Chelsea bought her loofa seeds.” I must need more coffee. LOL.

    I love your garden plan! Onions can grow anywhere at any time, so if you want, they can take over your wine barrel. I have chives growing in mine.

    Or, if you need self-seeding flowers that can’t be stopped, take some of my calendulas. (Take my calendulas, please…)

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