Menu Plan Monday: January 18, 2010

Sorry about missing MPM last week, folks.  It just wasn’t my week.  Nothing bad happened, it was just kind of erratic.  Classes have started back up at the shop, so that means I’m down there two days a week now instead of just one.  That always throws my schedule for a loop because it means I’m not home until after 8 or 9pm.  And I have found it is difficult to cook a meal, eat it, and make it to the shop in under an hour.  With that in mind, I need to find some easily portable foods that can be prepped in advance and eaten on the way to teaching.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I would prefer food stuffs that do not come out of boxes or bags or from little drive through windows.  My stomach is angry enough after a weekend of nothing but pizza, toast, and coffee (with some ice cream thrown in for good measure).  So, keeping all that in mind, please note that this week is extremely slow cooker heavy.

Monday: Beef tacos

Tuesday: Slow cooked pork shoulder using the marinade from this recipe and adding the apples that need to be used up.  Serve with potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken Adobo with rice and edamame.  (There should be just enough time for me to run home, throw some food in my mouth and head to the shop using the slow cooker.)

Thursday: Yarn night, dealer’s choice.

Friday: Slow cooked beef brisket ala Smitten Kitchen with mushrooms, potatoes and veggies.

Saturday: Casserole made from leftover brisket (most likely a shepherd’s pie type affair).

Sunday: Chicken noodle soup.


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