Go Team Shunn!!

Do you like breast cancer?  No? Me either!  So let’s help kick its butt!

Liisa and Shanti (aka the awesome Team Shunn) will be heading to Seattle in September for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure (more details here).  That, folks, is a 60 mile walk.  Just the thought of walking that far makes me want to faint into my chair with exhaustion.  But here’s the important part: Team Shunn needs to raise $5,000 for this event and you can help!  Donate, help fund raise, cheer them on; whatever you can do to help!  If you’re a business, you can get some awesome advertising for barely any moolah.  Just $500 gets you 60 miles and three days worth of customer visibility!  Talk about cheap, eh?

Personally, I am committing to a minimum of $10 every pay check.  That’s only $20 a month!  Everyone can afford $20 a month.  Think about how much you spend on lattes every week.  Just cutting out 6 lattes a month would free up the $20 to donate.  I am also going to cheer them on by walking myself.  I certainly won’t be doing 60 miles any time soon.  But Chloe and I are going to start dragging our rolls around the park a few times a week.  So put on your walking shoes, settle into your chair, and start donating!


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