The First Knit (and Injury) of 2010

Here is my first finished knit of the new year!  A cabled hat for Tyler.  I was originally going to use a pattern for this one, but then changed it so much that it pretty much became my own.  If I can recreate it, I’ll write it up as a pattern for ya’ll.

Tyler’s hat is made with RYC Cashsoft in color 517.  Knit with a 2×2 rib for the brim on size 4s with size 6s for the main body.

It features a lovely 8 stitch cable and rather interesting decreases on the top to keep the shape.  (Why there is a dark line running through these photos, I don’t know…)

He didn’t reject it immediately and posed for pictures without quibble, so I’m calling it a success.  The color is much richer in person, but it’s hard to get color accurate pictures with a squirmy three year old.  Imagine it more the color of hot chocolate and you’ll be about right.

I finished the hat mere hours before taking a header off the back porch stairs.  I’ve got a lovely bruise and a limp to show for it.  It’s a good thing my parents didn’t name me Grace…

ETA: The images keep disappearing and I’m not sure why.  Sorry…


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