End of a Decade

There’s a lot of “Decade in Review” posts floating around, so I figured I’d jump on (under) the bandwagon.


In 2000 I was still in high school.  The big event this year?  Getting my driver’s license.  Seems like a really long time ago…


This year really had very little going on for it until the last half.  Of course the big event this year was 9/11.  Being in high school and not really being affected by the troubles of the world at large, it had other impacts on my life.  Probably not very meaningful in the big scope of things.  But to a teenager, living in a rural community, some of them were crushing.  The trip to Germany was canceled, which crushed my dreams of a trip to Europe.  Instead of 8 days in Germany, we had a weekend in Portland, Oregon.  We ate at a German restaurant and went to an Anne Frank Memorial at the mall (exciting, eh?).  This was also the year that the big Equestrian Team uproar happened.  The coach’s daughter became a freshman, so myself and one other girl were kicked off of the drill team from the prior year in favor of her daughter and her daughter’s friend.  This led to many heated discussions with the principal, a team practice in which I was publicly shunned, and general upset.  2001 was  a year of many disappointments.  With one exception… 2001 is the year I started dating my future hubby.


The disappointments and hurts from 2001 continued (especially with the Equestrian Team).  On the upside, I graduated this year.  Which was immediately followed by disappointment as the cheerleaders changed the senior trip from a fun amusement park to a crappy one with masturbating manatees (and yes, there’s a story behind that one).   I didn’t go on the trip.  I  know it seems trivial, but so many trips/experiences/opportunities/friendships in high school that I had looked forward to for years were canceled or changed that it put a huge black mark on the whole experience.

Also in 2002, I fell out of bed and tore the lateral meniscus in my left knee.  I had a knee surgery in August, followed by six weeks of physical therapy.  I did this the day before Fair, so I didn’t ride my last year (which I really wasn’t all that upset about).  In the late part of this year, I began college.  2002’s big redemption?  I discovered my lys and learned to knit!


Ah, college… another colossal disappointment for me.  Well, not all of it, just parts of it.  The first year of college was like a repeat of high school, only with more hippy thrown in.  I was working part time and commuting with more than a full load of classes.  It was a long year.


There wasn’t a lot of excitement in 2004 until around August when Sam finally got around to proposing. 🙂  The entire rest of the year was pretty much consumed with wedding plans.  I met and became best friends with Paula.  Oh, and we got Chloe this year!  It’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t a part of my life.

On one sad note, my grandfather passed away in the summer of this year after battling his third type of cancer.  He is buried in the veterans cemetery.


We got married in July!  (Everything leading up to the wedding is pretty much a blur.) We did a short honeymoon on the coast because we both had to get back to work and school.  We bought our first house in November and moved in before Christmas.  2005 was a bit of a whirlwind with marriage, school, home buying, etc.


Another doozy of a year.  In January I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg and spent nearly a week in the hospital.  I was on blood thinners for 3 months and continue to have after affects from the damage to my leg.  In April, Inara (aka Princess Fluffy Butt) came to live with us.

I graduated from college in early June with a Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing.

The excitement continued in late June when Sam’s 15 year old nephew moved in with us.  I guess when I said I wanted children, I should have been more specific. (ba dum bum!)

After waiting more than a week past his due date, my nephew, Tyler, was finally born.  He  has continued to be a source of joy, amusement, and frustration ever since.  Don’t let that innocent sleeping baby picture fool you, he’s a fire cracker!


In January I took the job I currently have (not the same position, but the same company).  I started this blog in April and my first posts were about gardening.  In June, Jesse moved out and went to live with his Dad.  I moved back into the craft room and took up dyeing.  I also bought a spinning wheel.  The big event of 2007 was the marriage of Sam’s best friend, Aaron.


A fairly calm year.  I  made employee of the year in May and got promoted later in the year.  In June we had a family reunion (the first in many years).  In October we went to Louisiana for my best friend’s wedding.

In November I went to Omaha, Nebraska for the second reception (and got to meet Violet of Lime & Violet fame!).  I  spent some much needed time with my best friend.  (I miss you, Paula!)


That brings us to this year.  It’s been a year filled with a lot of individual events.  We lost Max around the beginning of the year.  It was a tough time for me, since I’d had him for over a decade.  In February, I met Fred Gretsch and got Great-Grandpa’s guitar signed.  I seriously took up sewing around May and my fabric stash has been growing exponentially ever since.   In August I attended the first ever Sock Summit and had a great time!  I got promoted again around September to my current position.  And two days ago I posted my first ever sewing tutorial.This year has been one of organizing priorities and really enjoying my marriage.  This is the first full year since we’ve been married that we’ve lived alone.  I ended this decade in a very different place than I started it.  Somehow, I have become an adult.  I find my dreams shifting and adjusting a lot this year, especially as we come to the end of an era.  2010 is an entirely different animal and gives us all a chance to start fresh.  My goals have changed immensely since 2000, but they are still attainable.  What about your decade?  Was it all you hoped for in the new century?  What are your hopes for the next decade?

Where’s my flying car?!


3 thoughts on “End of a Decade

  1. You forgot my wedding in 2000! Booger! 🙂 So it wasn’t that horrible of a year, you got the house all to yourself! Love you!

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