Oh, Marmalade!

I got distracted this evening by a few preserving/canning sites.  I think I’m in trouble.  I’ve been pondering canning, preserving, and pickling on and off for several months (years) now.  Now I’ve slipped into look at canning supplies (like giant pots and special tongs) and wondering if Black Bird still has pickle crocks in stock.  These all point to signs of a downward spiral into home preservation.  So, before you send the nice young men in the clean white coats to come and get me…  Take a look at this recipe for tangerine marmalade(And then go here and here and here.)


2 thoughts on “Oh, Marmalade!

  1. I love preserving! Haven’t done any this year, mainly because I converted my canner into a dye pot! But a couple of weeks ago I picked up a new one, so I’ll almost certainly do some early in the New Year.

    Ooooh…and also liqueur making. :o)

  2. This year was my very first year canning, and I’m totally hooked! Also, my neighbor found out we had begun the downward spiral into home preservation and gave us her never-been-used food dehydrator (great for rising breads and making yogurt too). At the Master Gardener program this year, I took Food Preservation 101.

    I saw the tangerine marmalade recipe you shared, and I’m thinking of making that. Also, it’s persimmon season. And, while I’ve enjoyed the 90 lbs. of persimmon bread I’ve made (including a batch in my bread machine!!!!), I’m thinking of taking the persimmons where few persimmons have gone before… into the hot water bath.

    Details to follow. 😉

    Oh, and that other commenter who makes liqueur — I’m all over trades for Irish Cream. heh heh heh.

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