The Scent of Oranges

Oranges used to be a holiday tradition for us.  When we were little, there was always an orange in the toe of our stockings.  Once we grew out of stockings (and started using pillow cases), the oranges faded away.  I had completely forgotten about this little tradition until I hauled home a big box of oranges (purchased to support a friend’s daughter’s school fundraiser).  The scent of those oranges (different from the Clementines that abound in my house) triggered that memory.  It made me slow down a little and reflect on Christmases past.  What little childhood traditions have you forgotten about?

Image stolen from the internets.  Thank you Google Image Search!

For those of you eagerly waiting for the Middleford newsletter, I will be working on it with Sonja this evening.  It should go to press Christmas week and be out around the first of the year.  There are a lot of great classes this time and some exciting announcements.

Unique Sheep Gradiance Kits are the featured Christmas special today at MYSS.  Go get yours before they all disappear!  Plus, new patterns for the Secret Garden Shawl just arrived.  What perfect timing!


One thought on “The Scent of Oranges

  1. Chelsea — can you see if I’m even on the newsletter mailing list? I’ve signed up like 4 times. 🙂

    Holiday tradition for us: my grandparents always gave us a Kennedy 50 cent piece wrapped up with all the chocolate gelt.

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