Making Dough

Monday, my darling hubby was wonderful and went to the grocery store for me.  I gave him a list, but neglected to put bread on it (we had just run out).  Him, not being psychic, did not realize I had forgotten to put bread on the list and so, did not buy it.  This being totally my fault, and really not wanting to make a trip to the store for one item, I decided to make do (or dough as it were).  I had all the ingredients on hand and no plans to leave the house.  Perfect bread making opportunity!

I have been stalking bread recipes on AllRecipes for some time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Artisan Bread.  But it’s just not soft enough for sandwiches.  Plus, a little variety is always nice.  After much browsing and reading of comments, I had added Grandma VanDoren’s White Bread recipe to my virtual recipe box.  Now the opportunity had arrived to give this bad boy a test run!  I cut the recipe down to a third of the original size.  (If it flopped, I didn’t want three loaves of nasty bread.)  Using the suggestions of some of the reviewers, I doubled the yeast to halve my rising time (it really works!!!) and used AP flour instead of bread flour.  Making a “sponge” was definitely new to me, but it seemed to work well (and according to my mother was very common back in the day).  The bread rose quickly and was ready to go in the oven by the time I finished eating dinner.  It baked up nice and golden and fluffy.  Definitely a soft white bread, I think I may use the suggestion of covering it with foil for the last 10 minutes so the crust doesn’t get as crispy.  All in all, this is a fabulous white bread recipe.  Definitely a keeper in my book!

P.S. It makes excellent toast!


4 thoughts on “Making Dough

  1. This is a definitely to-try item for me. Have always been on the lookout for a nice soft bread recipe and honestly, though I said I’d try the sweet roll recipe first, I think I’ll leave that alone. Something tells me it WON’T work for a loaf bread. Thanx for posting this.

  2. I love allrecipes. I have tried several bread recipes from there and none of them are all that good for sandwich bread. I’m definitely going to try this one. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I also wanted to ask if you rubbed butter/margarine on the crust of your bread when it comes out the oven? If not, give it a try next time, it helps keep the crust soft.

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