Holiday Traditions Exchange 2009

If you are my Holiday Traditions Exchange partner and want to be surprised when your package arrives, move along now.  Here, let me distract you with a cute picture of Chloe.

Ball or Bone?  I just can’t decide!

Is it safe now?  Ok,  good.

My package for the Holiday Traditions Exchange went out today, just under the wire.  I was hoping to have it out sooner and with a few more things in it.  But between the door installation and Chloe getting sick *all over the house*, that just didn’t happen.  The package I sent, while small, is mighty!

Don’t believe me?  The recipe there is for Texas Candy.  If you’ve never had Texas Candy, you have not led a full life.  It is the ultimate holiday dessert.  And the tin up front?  Decorated myself with various papers and ribbon and it contains chocolate.  And in the back in the sparkly tissue paper happens to be homemade hot fudge sauce.  And attached to that sparkly little package is a wee knit mitten. (Squee!)

Hung from a little chain of tiny beads, this mitten just makes me squeal with delight.  It is from this free pattern on Pink Argyle and was knit using size 1 needles (The 4″ ones from Knit Picks are perfect, except when they have a little crack in them that snags the yarn.  Thankfully the set is six needles, so I was able to swap out the bad needle for a good one.) and leftovers from my Japanese Feather Stole (I should really put pictures of that up someday…) in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock color Violeta.

For my first exchange package, it’s not too bad.  I would have loved to have included a reusable shopping tote or two and a CD of Herb Alpert, but time got away from me.  I hope my exchange partner likes her package.  It was fun to put together and really helped get me in the Christmas spirit.


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