Sweet Tooth

So, I’m giving up sugar again.  At least until Christmas (eve/week).  I feel much better without it.  But that means enduring withdrawal for a few days while it exits my system.  In the meantime, this has prompted much virtual sugar ingestion.  These are just the highlights of my (virtual) binging over the last two days.

Our Best Bites is an incredible site.  Warning!!! This is another one to make sure you view with food in your stomach.  Otherwise you might found yourself gnawing on the screen.

And those are just my top three from that site.  Moving on…

LollyChops is very crafty with paper and stuff.  She’s also hilarious just to read.  This site may give you the uncontrollable urge to buy pretty paper!

Gingerbread Snowflakes is all about the holidays!  Mmm… Holidays…

Other random goodies….

I know this is just a small sampling, but these are what is weighing heavily on my mind (and hips) lately.  What about you?  Making any goodies to give for whatever holiday(s) you may be celebrating?


One thought on “Sweet Tooth

  1. Hells yes! I’m ditching the library today (walking in 10 degree weather? I’ll pass) and making persimmon bread. Got me a 5 pound bag of smushy persimmons for $1.99 at the Phoenix Farmers Market.

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