Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I’m trying something new.  To give myself a little motivation to have my menu planned earlier in the week, I’m going to try this Menu Plan Monday thing from OrgJunkie.

With the purchase of the new back door and lock set, and the upcoming payment to have it installed, money is fairly tight this week.  Add to that payday isn’t until the 18th and things look a little scary (especially when you open the fridge).  So this week, it’s cooking out of the freezer and pantry.  I will need to do a small grocery shop for a few essentials (like milk), but otherwise it’s time to put on my parka and dig.

Monday: (Hey, that’s today!) Chicken Curry with rice.  And bread if I’m not too tired.  We’re out and I’d rather make it than buy it.

Tuesday: I have a work dinner, so hubby will have to fend for himself.  Probably leftover chicken curry from Monday.

Wednesday: Potato soup or corn chowder.  (There’s very little difference in the ingredients, so it’s really just how I’m feeling and what I dig out of the freezer.)  Corn bread on the side using this recipe.

Prep: Take the ground beef and pre-made sauce out of the freezer to thaw for Friday.

Thursday: Yarn night, so that means slow cooker.  Pork shoulder with potatoes and other veggies I may dig out of the freezer (or maybe that bag of frozen stew veggies I keep seeing…).  I tried to get to this last week, but my week kind of exploded after the tamales.  They were sooooo good!  Thanks again, Liisa!!

Friday: Spaghetti with meat sauce.

Saturday: Dealer’s Choice. (There’s a Girls Night Out to be held at my house, so we’ll see what happens.   It may end up a grilled cheese night.)

Sunday: Shepherds Pie made with leftovers from the pork shoulder.

With this menu, I have a minimum of groceries to buy.  I could probably scrape through the week without going to the store if I had to.  At this rate, I can do a very minimal shop and make it through.  Next week will be more freezer diving, stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Yey for planning! You’re ahead of me this week. Holiday season (mine starts 13 days earlier than the Xmas Junkies’) really has me on the strings. I find myself saying things like, “Hmmm, what can I make from frozen corn, half a broccoli crown, and some parmesan cheese?”

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