Wanted: A Perfect Sweater

I am on the quest for a perfect sweater.  For myself.  Hubby’s sweater will be underway soon (just need to finish the rest of the clogs…), and I’ve been thinking how I would like to have  a sweater as well.

Sweater Component Wish List:

  1. Cardigans preferred, pullovers need not apply.
  2. Must be interesting to knit.  No miles of garter stitch, stockinette, or ribbing.
  3. Cables are a plus.
  4. No long stretches of purl bumps on the right side (around cables are fine).
  5. I am an equal opportunity knitter when it comes to zippers or buttons.
  6. Worsted or DK weight yarn only (I have sweater quantities already on hand).
  7. Hoods: I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
  8. Must look good on a busty, plus size woman.  (No curve hugging, cropped length, or other shenanigans.)
  9. I am no longer afraid of seaming, so both top down or bottom up is acceptable.
  10. Preferably in my library or available online. (Basically, once I find it, I don’t want to go hunting for the pattern.)

Current candidates (in no particular order):

Thoughts?  Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated!


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