25lbs of Rice

That was one of my purchases today.  An industrial sized bag of white, long grain rice.  Why, you may ask, on earth would one need so much rice?  Well, I’m not going to be eating any of it (or at least not most of it).  I’m making these!

Rice foot-warming bags.  Yep, that’s right.  Like hot water bottles, only without the danger of leaking water all over your bed.  These are the brainchild of the brilliant Vanessa of V and Co.  You can find the link to this project here.

Still, 25lbs?  Yes.  The three pictured above are just some of the many I have planned (I’m already up to 6 completed).  The lovely barn print on the right is mine, the blue woven print is Sam’s, and the one on the left is destined for the company holiday bazaar.  I already have hints from several family members that these would be lovely to find under the tree.

These take longer to iron and cut out than they do to sew.  (For good measure, I also serged the inside to avoid fraying when washed.)  The inside is a muslin bag filled with rice (I use about 4 cups per bag, slightly more than recommended).  The covers can be out of whatever you want and come off for easy washing.  And they take less than a fat quarter’s worth of fabric!  Do you know how many fat quarters I have? (Don’t answer that.  If you’ve been counting them, you are a sick, sick person.)  These are fun, fast, and easy.  A great project when you want a little instant gratification sewing that’s hard to mess up.


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