The Knit List & Other Random Stuff

It’s sort of like a hit list, only much nicer.  For my own selfish purposes, I am writing down the gifts I need to knit for Christmas this year.  A few items will be omitted because certain people read this blog.  But for the most part, here it is.

The Knit List

  • Green felted clogs for Ryan H.
  • Blue felted clogs for Josh H.
  • Red felted clogs for Tyler H.
  • Purple felted Mary Jane’s for Melissa H.
  • Felted clogs for Tyler D. (theme/color unknown)
  • Felted clogs for Anthony C. (theme/color unknown)
  • Felted slippers for Gavin C. (theme/color unknown)

Total = 7 pair felted clogs/slippers of varying sizes. (Luckily, those are all for children and only two of them venture into small adult sizes.)

In other news, I have some sewing deadlines.  I’m planning on making reusable grocery bags for the company holiday bazaar on the 22nd.  I’ve completed two successful prototypes and am pretty pleased with the design.  I have my stash sorted out into color groupings and plan to begin assembly-lining it pretty quick here.  I figure I can make at least two a night, if not three.  I’d like to have at least a dozen made up, two dozen would be ideal.

I also bought fabric to make place mats and napkins for Thanksgiving.  With the purchase of my new (to me) table (I still owe you pictures, don’t I?), I want it to look as spectacular as possible.  I also have some fabric on hold at the yarn shop to do a table cloth.  Yes, the crafty is strong with this one.

Fail: I attempted this potholder tonight and was once again foiled by binding.  Binding you are my nemesis!!!  I am going to make an attempt at sewing a plainer pot holder.  We’ll see.  I may need a binding intervention…


One thought on “The Knit List & Other Random Stuff

  1. Ahh yes. Binding anything seems to be hard for me too. But, if I want nice trimming on stuff I’ll have to bite the bullet! I desperately need more potholders/oven mitts myself.

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