Diet Food

So, with this new eating plan, I’m rather restricted.  The bonus is, I’ve lost nearly 6lbs in a week.  The hard part is, eating out is nearly impossible.  Most restaurants use canola or soybean oil (both on the “no” list).  So, I’ve been getting a little more creative with my cooking.  Thankfully it is Autumn which means the domesticity has flared (hence the baking fit on Sunday).  Last night, I made spring rolls and Pad Thai.  Both completely legal according to my nutritionist and both completely delicious.

(Apologies for the crappy phone pics.  Blah, blah, blah.)

Spring Rolls

Pad Thai

While the Pad Thai came out good, I think a little less tamarind is in order next time.  But other than that, it was a delicious meal with leftovers for lunch today.

P.S. Coconut milk ice cream is amazingly delicious.  I’m pretty sure it’s better than regular ice cream…


2 thoughts on “Diet Food

  1. Weren’t we just talking about coconut milk ice cream at the BBQ? How prophetic…

    So if you’re not using soybean or canola oil, what are you using? Is safflower ok?

  2. Safflower, grapeseed, olive (cold-pressed), almond, and many other oils are still on my approved list. There are only a few that are not ok.

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