I saw the Doc recently and had some blood work done.  No need to panic, all is well.  I was, however, diagnosed with PCOS.  My levels are just barely, but they are there.  What does this mean?  Well, no medication first off.  All I can do is try to get healthier and prevent some of the symptoms that come down the road if you don’t start attacking it early.  To that end, I was sent to the Nutritionist.

The Nutritionist did this cool electrode thing that measures all sorts of levels in your body (i.e. the hydration of your cells, your lean vs. fat body mass, muscle, etc.).  All of my levels are right on except for hydration (only a few points off) and my fat body mass (not a big surprise there).  She is putting me on “The Elimination Diet” (insert dramatic music). Basically, for 28 days, I can’t eat anything delicious or convenient.  The list is quite extensive with ten main categories of off-limits foods.  These ten categories are the main allergy causing food/drink/stuff.  After the 28 days, I get to slowly add in each category one at a time, while keeping track of how I feel when it is added back in.

Rather than you bore you with the details of the ten categories, I just want to issue this warning: I have not had caffeine since September 25th.  Approach at your own peril.

That is all.


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