Dad’s Birthday

Almost a month ago was Dad’s birthday.  (I just now got the pictures uploaded…)  We got together as a family and decided to get him a big present this year.  But this requires some family history.  Dad moved up with his family in the ’60s.  He moved in down the street from Mom.   They played in the school band together.  Dad played trumpet, Mom played flute.  To this day, Dad still plays.  And to this day, he’s still playing his trumpet from high school.  While it’s in fairly good shape for being 40 years old, the valves stick and it’s really not a nice instrument.  This year, we were finally able to remedy that.

Wrapped in Dad’s favorite wrapping paper (newspaper), the box was a mystery to him.  He thought he knew what it was, but he was wrong.

You don’t often see that look of touched surprise on Dad’s face.  He was truly shocked.

Dad gives  a quick check to the valves.

After trying it out himself, Dad let Tyler have a try.  Another trumpet player in the family?  I think so.

This turned out to be a fun party for both Dad and Tyler.  One gift for Tyler’s birthday had shipped late, so he got to open a present too.

A magic drum, just like Diego from this movie.  Hopefully this will save my sister’s trash can from future wild drum sessions.


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