Days of Summer

Well, really just one day.  Last Saturday was our annual company picnic.  The theme was “Woodstock”.  Since Tyler was visiting Gramma & Papa for the weekend, I borrowed him for the day.  He had lots of fun with games, marker tie-dye, and general silliness.  There was even bbq, albeit plagued by bees.  Uncle Sam stepped in and held Tyler in his lap to protect him from the bees (and keep him still long enough to eat a few bites of food).

Afterwards, I took Tyler to the Science Works Museum in Ashland.  He posed with the bears out front before we went in.

Inside we had so much fun!  There were really fun exhibits like the chairs you could lift yourself on using pulleys, a room of mechanics and motion where you could fly an airplane, and an entire room devoted to nothing but bubbles.  Tyler enjoyed the airplane and the tennis ball fortress the best.  He liked transporting the tennis balls up to the top and then sending them down the tubes.

I wish I’d taken a real camera with me, but of course I forgot.  At least I was able to capture a few moments with my phone.  🙂


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