A Socky Recap

So, I finally caved and found an alternative method to get my pictures onto teh internets.  Only to realize that, like Renee, I’d had too much fun and forgotten what cameras were for.  So, in few words and some pictures, here is Sock Summit!

I took two classes on Thursday, one from Karen Ratto-Whooley (totally forgot to get a picture) on crochet socks.  She has brilliant ideas and I’m really excited to put them into practice.  She could revolutionize the crochet sock world.  And the boots she was wearing?  Fantastic!  And I made a new friend in that class, Aleta.

Not only was she wearing a fabulous Clapotis, but she and her sister-in-law took me to China Town for Dim Sum.  (It was delicious!  But I’d never want to go without someone who knows what everything is.)  That was followed by a very fun and interactive class with Stephen of HizKnits.  His ideas on making socks manly were both well researched and well presented.  Plus he made us laugh a lot and I think that’s important.  I came away with a lot of great ideas for addressing the testosterone level of socks.  I may even attempt a pair for my hubby some day.

We went to opening night where I tried to get pictures of the amazing ST-1 and ST-2 teams, but they all came out dark.  It was very touching and funny to hear the story of how it all came together.  Sonja and Renee sat with me!

After opening night, Sonja and I met up with Laura of The Unique Sheep for dinner.  We ended up soaking our feet at the spa and talking late into the night.  Laura had a fabulous booth at SS and now we’re carrying her amazing yarns at my LYS!

(Check out her socks!  You can buy the pattern here.)

Friday found me making myself a general nuisance with the volunteer coordinators.  (First I made a trip to Voodoo Doughnut and then had to cart a box of doughnuts past the homeless shelter and on the Max to the Convention Center.  They were worth every bit of the trip though, so yummy!) I was only supposed to volunteer for two hours, but I had so much fun they let me stay longer.  I even got to help out in one of the Blue Moon North booths for Van Der Rock Yarns.  And I got my picture taken with the Rav crew!!

Saturday I didn’t do yarny things (Gasp!).  Instead, Sam and I hung out with friends and had a very fun day bumming around Portland.  We hit the Saturday market where Sam picked up a very stylish tie-dye shirt.

We also had some yummy chocolates shaped like little animals.  I can’t remember the name of the kiosk, but it’s at the Pioneer Square mall.  And they were as delicious as they were adorable.

We finished up Saturday with a trip to Rock Bottom.  While I was terribly disappointed that they no longer have beer bread with Asiago cheese dip (the nerve!!), the beer was still good.

To sum it all up: Good friends, good yarn, good beer, good times.

Stay tuned to see what goodies I bought.  I was fairly restrained, but I did get some nice stuff!


2 thoughts on “A Socky Recap

  1. Well it looks like you had a great time at that convention! Sam got a very awesome shirt! I WANT ONE!!!! Good thing I’m going to Portland soon.

  2. Saturday market was a trippy hippy kind of place, but bring your wallet. Also, I hope you like kitchy crap made out of bent wires.

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