2 for 200

For my 200th post, I bring you, 2 new bags!

That would be the Hip Mama Diaper Bag from A Mingled Yarn (right) and a scaled down, slightly modified version I’ve dubbed the Hip Toddler Bag (left).

Hip Mama

Hip Mama is made from a remnant of woven cotton and some printed cotton found in the clearance section.  All in all, this is about a $4 bag if you only count cost of goods.

The lining is by far my favorite part on this bag.  The adorable little bugs and frogs just stole my heart.  I lined it in cotton as opposed to the suggested vinyl as Tyler is 3 now and that makes the bag completely machine washable (a definite plus).  The strap is a little bit longer than suggested, but not by much as I ran short on fabric.  You can’t see it, but there’s even a zipper in the back with another pocket.

I already have a request for another version of this from a pregnant friend.  Her modification requests are for a bit deeper and with a few more extra little pockets inside for pacifiers and such.  I think I’m going to try making hers a little more structured with a thicker interfacing.  I still like the cotton/cotton combination I have for the wash-ability aspect.

Hip Toddler

This bag came out more modified than was intended… But I’m still pretty pleased with it.  The material is actually pant legs cut off of a pair of jeans from a friend.  The lining is John Deere tractor plaid left over from a previous project. (And yes, I’m aware it’s upside down on the flap.  I didn’t notice until the entire thing was put together.)

Modifications: I cut the main pieces down to 9″x7″ and adjusted everything accordingly.  The strap is around 27″ long with lining on one side and focus on the other and is pieced together from scraps leftover from the bag body/lining.  The flap is definitely shorter than it’s grown-up counter part.  If I were to size it down again, I’d make the flap piece longer.  As it stands, I didn’t have the fabric to do so and this makes all outside pockets accessible at all times (a plus for a 3 year old).  I omitted the back zipper and the inside pockets because I felt they would just get in his way.  The magnetic snaps were replaced with a good helping of velcro.

While the Hip Mama bag is definitely a messenger style, my modifications turned the Hip Toddler bag into more of a lunchbox style.  These bags are going to be delivered this weekend.  While his Mama’s may be delivered empty, Tyler’s will be filled with goodies for his birthday.

I definitely think these are a sewing success.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s super secret birthday project.


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