A Collar for Chloe

Using this great tutorial from Keyka Lou, I made Chloe a new collar!

Chloe’s old collar was NASTY!  Rather than spend another $15 on a new collar, I decided to fix up her old one.  The hardware was still in great shape and the tutorial made it soooooo simple!  The fabric is something I’ve had in the stash for a long time.  Probably bought at JoAnns, because that’s really my only choice here.  (I think it was originally destined to be shorts or a tank or something.)

This barely took any fabric!  Original dimensions of my cut piece were 32″ x 4″.  My only mod from the tutorial was to keep it adjustable.  It was simply a matter of threading the fabric through correctly and sewing in place.  the sewing was a little tricky because of the buckle, but I managed.  It took longer to get it ironed the way I wanted it than to sew it up.  This probably took about an hour to an hour.

My sewing leaves a little to be desired, but this was great practice for top stitching.  I totally want to order a bunch of collar hardware now and make dog collars until I can’t stand them anymore.  I do have a Christmas print collar that she no longer fits.  I may have to turn it into something sweet and give it to a friend with a smaller dog.  All in all, I’m very pleased with this!

(I promise it won’t be Keyka Lou all the time, but you’re going to see a lot of her for a while.  I just bought two more patterns!)


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