Successful Sewing

I have a successful sewing project to share with you!  It’s a little case for my cell phone.  I wanted to try something a little challenging, but still small-scale.  Keyka Lou to the rescue!

Front – Closed

Front – Open

Back – Pocket

The entire project took a very small amount of fabric and probably two hours to complete, and that’s with being interrupted and having to hand-sew a little mistake spot.  The pattern came from her Etsy store (Psst!  She’s having a sale!!!)  This was definitely a learning piece.  There are several things I want to improve* on when I do the next one (and yes, there will be another one).

If you ask me, it’s really a very clever little design.  The entire case is fully lined and has a pocket with darts and a flap to hold your phone.  On the back is another fully lined pocket that is the perfect size for some cash and/or cards.  It’d be the perfect thing to carry when a purse is too much.  I can also see it fitting other odds and ends (like a tape measure, stitch markers, and a Chibi with tapestry needles).  Oh, and the fabric is from JoAnn’s Debbie Mumm collection (they’re also having a sale…).

All in all, I’m pleased with it.  I have lots of fabric left over because I over bought.  (The direction of the pattern of my fabric made me worry that the 1/4 yard specified wouldn’t be wide enough to accommodate.)  I’m thinking a neat little matching box bag using this tutorial might be in order.  I just may have to get some Independence Day sewing in tomorrow morning…

*The improvement is all in the “my sewing” department, not in the “her pattern” department.


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