This And That

After that whole post about being with it, work kind of exploded.  Thanks, Murphy.  Good one…

Instead of regaling you with tales about my stressful week (like participating in a conference call while grocery shopping), I’ve decided to show you a couple new additions to the library.


So far I haven’t had a chance to make anything out of it, but I’m going to!  Tyler has this love of throwing things at my head, so he’s getting soft food for his pretend kitchen.  No hard plastic, thankyouverymuch.  (He’s got killer aim, by the way.  Clocked me with a tractor in the side of the face in the car the other day.)

My third book of making flowers.  this one has both knit and crochet flowers.  The detail on some is absolutely stunning.  The fuchsias and lavender are high on my list of flowers to make.
On a completely different topic… Did you know I moonlight once a year as a Stage Ninja?  Or rather, a Spotlight Engineer.  Once a year, I spend all day behind a 750 watt follow spot.
This is the view of the stage from my perch on the balcony.  It’s just a little two hour production that the local dance studio puts on.  Ever since I quit dancing in 7th grade, I’ve been working at this show.  My sis went off to college when I was in 8th or 9th grade and I took over the spotlight at that time.  I’ve had it ever since.  Mary says that I, “dance the spot”.  I just try not to burn myself or embarrass anyone.
Most of the night was spent trying not to let the darn thing squeal when I changed the size of the spot.  Every time I pulled the knob, it squeaked loudly and stuck right in the middle so I had to force it and jiggle the spot.  I think the spotlight at SMHS is older than I am…
A follow-up on the TP cover I made for Mom.  It seems to be  liking the place of honor in the bathroom.  Dad thinks I should make a matching cover for the spray (we’ll see).
The pattern for the base of the cover is now linked to Ravelry here.  My very first design on Ravelry, woo!!  (Sad that it’s a toilet paper cozy, eh?)

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