Spring Fair

This weekend (before the big storm) was the Spring Fair.  Tyler, being the animal nut that he is, was thrilled to go.  I didn’t get there in time to get pictures of the sheep barn, but I did get to see the bunnies and chickens.  

Tyler loved petting the bunnies and thought the roosters were very loud.

This year was a little different because the Rodeo was going on at the same time.  That meant that all of the animals were in the outer barns and there were carnival rides as well.  Tyler got to go on his first roller coaster ride!  

He also went on the carousel with auntie and the slide with momma.

Afterwards, we went back to my house for some lunch.  He is definitely a little Energizer Bunny.  He keeps going and going and going…  

And at the end of the day, all the grown-ups look like this.

(Grandma & Papa after spending the day with an almost 3 year old.)


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