No Beans About It

Well, actually, there are 100 liters of beans… beanbag chair beans that is!  I finished Tyler’s beanbag chair Monday night.  I blame Stardust Shoes.  It’s her awesome tutorial that made me do it.

The fabric.  Two race car prints and a coordinating solid.  All cotton, all on sale.

The finished beanbag lining, complete with beans.  Made from unbleached muslin.

The finished beanbag chair. (Bad photo, but it was late…)

This was definitely a learning piece.  I really got to know my machine more and learn about some of its… quirks…  But there were some positive things that came out of this, besides just having a finished beanbag chair.

  1. I made friends with my iron.  I love my new clearance shelf cordless model that heats up and cools down fast.  You and I are going to have a long relationship.
  2. A pattern piece made out of posterboard is the best thing ever.
  3. You can’t hear Babylon 5 over the sewing machine.  Best to wait until the commercials.
  4. Always buy more fabric than you think you’re going to need.  Three trips to the fabric store was a bit much and I ended up bringing home more than I should have…
  5. Successful sewing leads to other projects.  (More to come on this later.)

The downside: My machine does this funny thing where the bottom thread bunches up and makes a line of loops on the fabric and I have to rip it out.  It’s a random occurrence, and I can’t figure out why it does it.  I know it’s only a bottom-of-the-line Brother and I’m grateful to have it.  But someday I’ll upgrade to a Pfaff.  (When I can justify it by sewing more than twice a year…)

The biggest challenges for me were the circle placement on the ends and the velcro tabs.  Those are two things that I have never done before and took a few tries to get right.  I loved that you made a lining first.  I was able to work out a lot of the kinks on the part that no one will ever see.

There are some visible mistakes and I broke a needle in the end, but it still came out ok.  And for a little boy who is just going to abuse the heck out of it, it’s just fine. (I’ve already bought fabric for a Diego verison, but I think Mom has dibs on making that one.)


2 thoughts on “No Beans About It

  1. Tyler’s gonna love that bean bag! Also, Jess’s sewing maching was doing something like that, I think it had something to do with the timing (No, not ignition timing silly). Just a thought. She took it down to Green’s and had it fixed.

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