Family Togetherness

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  We all gathered at my house for an indoor BBQ.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixins made us all very full and happy people.  Tyler had lots of fun running around with the dogs and getting himself into trouble.

At 2pm, I had a class at the yarn shop.  I taught a beaded knitting techniques class using Perdita as the class project.  With four students and my sister as a sit-in guest, it was lots of fun.  Tomorrow is my Two-At-A-Time Socks on Two Circs class.  That is going to be a fun one, and very challenging.

After the class, I took my sis back out to Mom and Dad’s to collect her husband and child.  Tyler and I went down to the compost pile and dug up a big bucket of worms for my garden.  Then we “drove” my car for a while.  Tyler is just obsessed with driving and has to sit in the driver’s seat of every vehicle he can.  He enjoyed rocking out to my Herb Alpert station on Pandora.  He has good taste in music!  He also learned how to work the volume on my stereo and use the window washer function of my wipers.  I may have created a monster…

On the way home, I passed a few members of the herd of deer that live on Mom & Dad’s property having an evening snack.

(This picture was taken with me sitting in my car on the driveway about 20 feet from the deer.  Sometimes I miss living in the country.)


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