Square Dancin’

March 12″ Ravelry Square – Winter Dream

Ravelry Details

March 12″ Filler Square – Drop in a Bucket Square

Ravelry Details
(I substituted this square in March for the Irish Rose. I didn’t like the 3-D nature of the Irish Rose, it just didn’t fit with the rest of my squares.)

March 6″ Square – 6″ March Square

Image Goes Here – I can’t find what I did with this square, so I don’t have a picture of it.  It’s running around here somewhere…

Ravelry Details


2 thoughts on “Square Dancin’

  1. First I want to say WOW, I love your blog header photo. I usually read your posts from my Google reader and so don’t see the full page.

    Second, Those are some pretty squares. They inspire me to try more than the two colors I have for my intended afghans. I think I will. I will probably be switching from Cotton Ease to Wool Ease to get the variety of colors as well as more warmth and elasticity. Thank you for the inspriation.

    • Thanks! The photo is a side shot of a display of lace weight that was at my lys. I can’t wait to see your squares! 🙂

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