Waste Not, Want Not

I grew up in a house on a well.  When I was a little girl, the well went dry and Dad had to start hauling water.  Every day, the little ’81 Datsun would make it’s way to the water station and fill up the 150 gallon tank with $0.25 of water.  Dad kept the quarters (and still does) in a little pink flowered zipper bag that  mom gave him from a travel set.

Conserving water became a way of life.  You didn’t leave the water running for any reason unless absolutely necessary (especially not while brushing your teeth).  There was no big green lush lawn and a swimming pool was quite a luxury and took nearly a week to fill.  We didn’t suffer, but we learned to conserve water like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve been living on city water now for around 4 years.  Today I discovered a feature on the Water Commission’s website that lets you see your water usage.


The Green is usage in the city, the red is usage in the neighborhood, and the blue is our usage.  I guess old habits die hard, eh?


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