Mini Vacation

For my birthday/Valentine’s Day/President’s Day, we decided to take a mini vacation up to Portland.  We drove up to my sister’s on Friday night and stayed.  I got Tyler the new Madagascar movie and sent my sis and her hubby out for a grown-up evening.  Tyler was very well behaved and went to bed without too much fuss.

In the morning, we drove up to Portland.  We got a killer deal on Priceline for a very nice hotel downtown.  The rest of the trip went like this:



Knit-Knit Studio was the first one we hit.  Followed up Knit Purl, Yarn Garden, and Twisted.

Food & Drink.


This is the Premium Sampler (or what’s left of it) from Rock Bottom Brewery.  Excellent beer, even better cheese and bread appetizer.  OMG, so good…

There was also a visit with good friends, a stop at a retro music store, and the obligatory Powell’s run.  The trip was way too short.  Sam and I both agree we could live in Portland.  Maybe someday…

(As for the yarn I bought, I was very restrained.  But I did get some killer stuff.  A proper post on that soon.)


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