Another Busy Weekend

It was another busy weekend around here.  Saturday started off with a family birthday party for me (my birthday isn’t until Thursday, but we’ll be out of town, so the party was early).  Lots of people came and had delicious ice cream cake (my Mommy made it and it was sooooo good!).  The guys eventually had a jam session with every guitar in the house (we have a surprising number).  Tyler got in on the action before the party started by trying out my violin.


On Sunday, we went to Kaylee’s birthday party.  There were lots of adorable children, including the birthday princess (I made her crown).


After the party, we went to a movie with Dad.  We saw the Pink Panther 2.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a long time.  It’s predictable and slapstick, but still, hilarious.  So, all in all, a busy weekend.  But on the upside, we spent it with friends and family.

And, bonus!  We had birthday tacos at Gramma’s today.  My sis-in-law makes killer tacos.  I’m sooooo full…


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